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Greetings, yes my name is actually Aristotle (I’m Greek)

Born and raised on the north side of Chicago, I’ve had the opportunity to rub elbows with the full spectrum of citizens modern society has to offer. From the criminally inclined, to the well off suburbanites, and everyone in between. Mostly dealing with my own kind (the working class), I like to think I have a down to earth perspective on things both practically, and ideologically. Since I was a child I’ve been challenging authoritative figures. What started out as challenging the motives of my teachers demands in 6th grade for good fun (if you are a teacher reading this, I know, brat), has evolved into the justified skepticism of our worlds governing bodies.

When you realize that someone is lying to you, the first thing you want to know is of course the truth. Once you have some idea of the truth, you then start to figure out the motivation for the lie you were told. Simple order of operations.

Now when I first realized my government lies, like most people, my mind was blown. The implications of this fact were almost too much to bear. This would mean that my government has some sort of agenda that it doesn't want me knowing. Why? What else have they lied about? Are they always lying? What’s the end goal here? Are all governments like this? Are our governments really even in control?

Down the rabbit hole is too innocent of a saying. More like into the black hole I went. Now here I am on substack, ready to share with you what I've found.

I would like to make this clear to all my readers that I have no secret agenda here. There will be no unreasonable leaps of faith with claims or ideas. I will do my best to bring you useful, relevant information and opinions so that you may better form your own.

This newsletters objectives are:

  • Sort out what is true, what may be true, and what is untrue in the news.

  • Share carefully formed opinions on events both current & past based on reasonable evidence and facts.

  • Challenge narratives of the MSM (Main Stream Media).

  • Engage in political, cultural, & philosophical debates.

  • Hopefully enlighten others to the workings of our global masters

I hope to cultivate a healthy community of free thinking individuals that can have proper intellectual discourse in the comment sections.

In this newsletter you can expect articles at least a few times a week covering:

  • Current events

  • Historical events

  • Political, cultural, & philosophical discussions

  • And more!

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